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Issaquah Singers presents free concerts at senior living centers

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Dorothy Hay
P.O. Box 387
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Issaquah Singers is an all-volunteer choir supported predominately by member dues, occasional donations and a grant from the City of Issaquah Arts Commission. Grant money received would be used for the purchase of new music, assistance with the rental of the Issaquah Senior Center for weekly rehearsals.
Issaquah Singers provides an increased quality of life for residents of senior living centers who are unable to leave the centers because of increased age and/or health issues. Choir members experience joy while learning new music and performing together followed by the opportunity of sharing in the lives of the residents.
Proposal Description
The primary goal of Issaquah Singers is to sing inspiring, joyful, uplifting and familiar music for those who are unable to leave the centers and cannot enjoy the many musical opportunities that are available in the community. Each concert includes music that is appropriate and well known to the residents who are encouraged to sing with the choir as well as join in the sing-along that is part of every concert. To facilitate participation in the sing-alongs, printed words are provided. Every member of the choir is a volunteer including the conductor, pianist and instrumentalists. There is no charge for our concerts and the concerts do not generate revenue. Occasionally a small donation is received but not solicited. In June of every year, a free concert is presented to the whole community and approximately 400 people attend. Following every concert an evaluation is done by the Conductor and members of the choir to pinpoint any problem areas, make corrections if needed and to share any comments received from the audiences. Success is measured by the attentiveness of the audiences, the enthusiasm with which the audiences join in the sing alongs, the comments received from the audience members and Activity Director and by the numerous requests we receive to return for concerts year after year. Grant money would be used for the purchase of new music and assistance with the rental of the rehearsal facility.