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Grant Proposal for Pdap's Younger Group Services

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Community , Healthcare
South Texas
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Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Corpus Christi, Inc.
Bruce Cooper, LCDC,CCS (Executive Director)
3104 S. Alameda
Corpus Christi
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To help fund our program for our younger group (ages 12-17). We offer our services free of charge. We teach young people how to live a drug free lifestyle.
With educating our younger generation with substance abuse problems. We can help save a young person's life. By helping them stay sober, they will be able to continue their eduction and be productive members of society.
Proposal Description
We offer our services absolutely free of charge. It costs us on an average $165.00 per person per month. We will be using the money to help people that do not have insurance and can not afford to pay for counseling. We also provide outside speaking engagements to five different school districts. We take our clients camping,bowling,fishing,and various other places to show them that they can have fun in a sober environment. We help the whole family not just the person that has a substance abuse problem. We have a family group that meets once a week and it teaches the parent how to help the abuser by not enabling them. By the whole family getting involved there is a 50% greater chance that the person will achieve and maintain sobriety. This is according to the Johnson Institute.