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Support for The Ruskin Group Theatre

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Ruskin Group Theatre
Mike Myers
3000 Airport Ave
Santa Monica
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With asssistance from your foundation, we will continue to produce critically acclaimed, thought provoking theatre, and will continue to service at Risk Youth in the Foster System with our "Healing Through the Arts" program
In 2005 L.A Stage, a Los Angeles Non-profit that monitors theater, released a study where the long term viability of theater was in question. With the advent of internet programming, the study questioned whether or not people would continue to attend live theatre when so many entertainment options were a button away on their phone. What the study revealed was unexpected. Although organiztional and private support for the arts are down, theatre attendance is up. More people are turning to the immediacy that only theatre can provide. The money from your organization benefits the world in that it helps continue our mission of producing World Class plays that make people think and feel something they might not otherwise, and it provides a home for At Risk youth to be creative, decreasing their chances of ending up in prison.
Proposal Description
The Ruskin Group Theatre requests a grant to support general operating expenses. The Ruskin Group Theatre (RGT) services a wide range of audience, from the traditional theater goer, to those in society who have never seen a play. The at risk youth that the theatre services participate in programs here that help them live up to other elements in life, and as well help them function at a higher capacity in school, and at home then prior to their taking the program. The Los Angeles communnity at large benefits by having access to quality theatre at an affordable price. With this grant, we will achieve our goals by continueing to mentor and teach underseviced youth from los angeles, as well as continue to produce thought provoking plays in our theatre. We accomplish our goals to service Foster Children though Our 15-week Theatre Program In 2010 we continued our program to instruct foster children about acting through acting exercises, improvisation exercises, attending live theatre performances, scene study and performing in front of a live audience with their mentor. The Ruskin Group Theatre is proud to be teaching the Meisner Technique to foster children through our continuing partnership with a new non-profit called Fostering Imagination. We began the alliance last October. The 15-week sessions run every Saturday from 1 to 5pm. Children first learn core-acting principals and after that, writers from our L.A Café Plays create a seven to ten-page one-act play tailored to each child in the program. The individual plays include two roles, one for a RGT company member and the other for the child to perform. The following six weeks are spent rehearsing the plays and getting them ready for performance night. During the process, the young actors get to know the working actor who becomes their teacher and they have the opportunity to share their experience with their peers. Two 15 week programs were produced in 2010 Film Making Program In 2010 our Filmmaking Program taught foster youth how to use digital cameras, develop scripts in Final Draft, edit in Sony Vegas, and direct their own short films. Youths are also given the opportunity to act in each other’s movies after auditioning for the roles. Each program accepts 6-8 youths, keeping the group small so that each child has the opportunity to bond with their mentors and the opportunity to create life long relationships. Rancho San Antonio Boy’s Home Teaching Program Now in its 8th year this program is designed to teach young adults acting through the Meisner technique. We provide an ongoing class for 12 to 18 year old at risk youth living at the Rancho San Antonio Boys Home. This program is taught by teachers, students, and actors from our company. To date, we have brought this experience to over 700 young people. Imagination Station Imagination Station: At the end of 2008 we transformed office space in the theatre into our “imagination station”. The imagination station is an area in the theatre designated to our Foster Children Outreach. Through the generosity of Sony Motion Pictures, we were able to equip the room with computers for the children. In 2009, we started tutoring the kids in English and Math; and we began an editing class. In 2010 we brought in SAT tutors to prepare our High School Age youths for their college entrance test. We also teach the kids how to use programs like Final Cut Pro and other editing programs.